Naorah C. Lockhart, M.S.
Doctoral Candidate, Community & Public Affairs
Binghamton University, State University of New York

I research collaborative relationships in school-community partnerships using mixed methods and social network analysis. This is situated in the framework of social capital, relational-cultural, and ecological systems theories.

Relationship is at the heart of my research interests, and this is grounded in my training as a mental health counselor. My clinical work is rooted in interpersonal process and utilizes the language of intersectionality, connection, relationship, development, and context.

Prior to studying mental health and public affairs, I worked for over 16 years in mind-body fitness as a movement instructor and meditation teacher.

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PhD, Community & Public Affairs (anticipated 2016), Binghamton University – SUNY
MS, Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CACREP), University of North Florida
BA, Culture, Ecology & Sustainable Community, New College of California

Research Themes & Methods
• Doctoral candidate in Community & Public Affairs
• Clinical mental health counselors who work in and with schools
• Interdisciplinary collaboration in expanded school mental health
• Student-level outcomes associated with interdisciplinary collaboration
• Network science and social network analysis