My research interests include culture-centered counseling approaches and ecological systems theory for trauma and stress-related issues, specifically connected to natural and human-made disasters. I am also curious about the development of counselors as advocates for social justice as well as counselor competency for issues related to sexual health. Other interests include palliative care, mindfulness methods in counseling, and creative approaches to therapy.

I have 16+ years experience in mind-body fitness as a movement instructor and meditation teacher. I’m certified to teach Kripalu yoga, the Gyrotonic Expansion System, and The Pilates Method and work with clients one-to-one and in group settings. I’ve worked with athletes, pregnant women, individuals with cancer, and those looking for stress relief and general wellness. This experience informs my clinical counseling practice and I often integrate movement and mindfulness into psychotherapy.

My clinical experience is with college-aged students dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, and disordered eating. Other clients are coping with multicultural issues, specifically first generation adjustments and issues concerning sexual orientation. In addition to individual counseling I have facilitated mindfulness meditation groups and process groups aimed at building interpersonal connection including a trial group designed for college students who are on the Autism spectrum.